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Precision Work in Machining: Manufacturing Stages of Screws and Bolts

Precision Work in Machining: Manufacturing Stages of Screws and Bolts

Machining is a widely used method in shaping and machining metal parts. This method is also frequently preferred in the manufacture of important fasteners such as screws and bolts. Precision workmanship in screw and bolt manufacturing is of great importance in terms of quality and durability.

Basic Stages of Machining;

1) Material Selection: The first step in screw and bolt manufacturing is the right material selection. Generally, materials with durable and suitable properties such as steel, stainless steel or aluminum are preferred.

2) Cutting Process: The main stage of machining is the cutting process. In this process, the material is shaped by machining methods. The shank of screws and bolts is cut and shaped on special lathes.

3) Threading: An important feature of screws and bolts is that they are threaded. Threading is the stage in which the threads of screws and bolts are formed. In this process, threads are precisely formed using the right threading tools.

4) Surface Treatment: Surface treatment is applied to increase the durability of screws and bolts and to provide protection against corrosion. Galvanizing, electroplating or coating techniques can be used in this process.

5) Control and Quality Assurance: Quality control is of great importance in screw and bolt manufacturing. At each of the manufacturing stages, the dimensions, thread quality, surface roughness and other properties of the products are meticulously controlled. This allows to offer customers high quality and reliable fasteners.

Precision workmanship in machining is an important part of screw and bolt manufacturing. Well-made screws and bolts are critical to durability, reliability, and performance. Steps such as quality material selection, cutting, threading, surface treatment and quality control ultimately result in high-quality and functional fasteners.

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