Bolts, Rivets and Special Fasteners

Stud Bolts

Stud bolts are shankless and grub screws that are threaded from both ends. It is extensively used in fasteners that are disassembled and mounted. All the studs we produce as Tuna Vida are produced in accordance with the stud bolt standards communique.

Stud Bolt Types

Studs, also known as headless bolts, are designed for use in environments where stress or stress is present. We manufacture a variety of studs as threaded ends, hollow in the middle or fully threaded long rods. A full length threaded stud is a type of stud where the entire fastener body is threaded. These parts are used when all of the other connection parts are interlocked. Plug-end studs, on the other hand, are preferred for interlocking parts of unequal lengths. In cases where both connection pieces are of equal length, double-ended stud type is used. Grooved-end stud bolt types are used for sealing. There are also stud types such as U Bolt, J Bolt and L Bolt for those used in special applications.

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Manufacturing With Sawdust

We added a new CNC to our machining. We manufacture all kinds of special plugs, pins, rivets, screws and other similar products you need by machining.

We Keep Upgrading Our Quality

As of May 13, 2019, as a result of its long-term efforts, we successfully completed the TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification audit and were entitled to receive the Quality Management System Certificate.As a company, with a Quality Management System in accordance with the relevant standard conditions, our productions are located in Orhangazi Mah. 1722 St. No.:1/1 Mimsan Site...

Connecting Building Elements with Bolts

Although the connection of structural elements falls within the field of civil engineering, I cannot pass without pointing out some very important points here.Axial and shear forces can be met by using high-strength and corrosion-resistant pre-stressed bolts for connecting the structural elements. Because the friction force provided by the pressure created by the tension in the axial direction on ...

What is a Battery Bolt? Where to use?

It is used as a connecting bolt in traction batteries. The battery connection bolt is known as the battery cell connection screw.This bolt, which has started to be produced by our company, has been subjected to the necessary tests shown in the chart, quality controls have been made and are carried out in order to be resistant to the conditions in which it is used.The production dates of the produc...

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