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Privacy and Security

Is it safe to shop at

Your shopping at is absolutely safe. The credit card information you use during shopping is never recorded and cannot be viewed. Credit card information is sent directly to the system of the relevant bank in an encrypted form and the relevant amount is deducted from your card limit. Shipment and membership information, other than credit card information, is used only by authorized personnel for invoicing.

How can I be sure that the information I give while shopping at is kept confidential?

Shipping information - membership information you use while shopping on our site is stored in highly technological, encrypted and secure physical environments. Only authorized personnel can access this information. As, we undertake and declare that we will not share the information of our members who are members of our site and shopping on our site, with any institution, organization or legal entity.

What is SSL Certificate and what does it do?

The SSL certificate is a kind of guarantor that ensures that the credit card information you provide on the payment pages is encrypted and inaccessible to the system of the relevant bank. Thanks to this structure, even if your credit card information cannot be captured, it is encrypted, so the other party gets a set of meaningless characters instead of your credit card information. The lock sign you will see in the lower right corner of your browser on payment pages tells you that the current page is protected by SSL Certificate. uses GlobalSign 256 Bit SSL Certificate Technology.

Do I have to use the CVC2 number for my purchases?

The CVC2 number is the last three digits of the number on the back of your credit card. Thanks to this number, which is not written on the magnetic stripe of the card, even if your credit card number and expiration date are captured, your CVC2 number will remain confidential, so your card cannot be used against your will. As of October 5, 2001, it has become mandatory to use the CVC2 number for purchases made with a credit card. For this reason, you have to use the CVC2 number in your shopping.

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