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Breather Vent Plug Aluminum

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The breather / ventilation plug produced by our company from aluminum material should be used to prevent pressure build-up in gear systems (reducer, gearbox, etc.) and to ventilate the system.

Double layer 45 micron (mash) 304 stainless filter is placed in the lower part of the plug so that the oil in the system does not come out of the plug with the air.

All of the plugs are pressure tested and delivered as 100% controlled and sealed. The plugs can be manufactured in desired dimensions.

G 3/8"289620
G 3/4"3612828
G1  1/2"48181055


Breather Vent Plug Aluminum: The Optimal Solution for Industrial Systems

The efficient and trouble-free operation of industrial systems depends on the working of various components together and in harmony. At the beginning of these components is the breather vent plug. In this article, we will examine in detail the features, usage areas and advantages of the breather vent plug made of aluminum material. Description of the Product and Usage Areas Breather vent plug ...

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