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Vehicle Crankcase Plug (Doblo-Linea-Bravo)

Product Code: 5553
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Crankcase is very important in terms of duty on behalf of many different types of cars. Keeping it in a healthy condition creates a great potential to prevent malfunctions.

What is crankcase? What do the crankcase gasket and plug do?

The system that provides the storage and cooling of the engine oil is known as the crankcase. Gasket and plug are also very important for the crankcase, which is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. They have different functions within themselves. For example, the crankcase plug is used to drain the oil. Some of this system is magnetic. Thus, it provides the opportunity to separate small metal parts from oil by pulling. Tuna Vida produces crankcase plugs and magnetic crankcase plugs for all models of vehicles.

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